Scotland's euro anthem 2024 for prostate scotland

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C’mon Scotland! We hope you’ll love chanting “We’re On Our Way” (to Germany) from terraces, in streets and bars throughout EURO 2024, and beyond. Check out the back story of this fan song.

You can stream “We’re On Our Way” from Spotify​, Amazon Music, YouTube Music or Apple Music. Warning: You’ll be waving your arms, marching about, and have it on repeat in no time. You can learn the words to the song here.

If you enjoy the song, please help us raise a stack of cash for Prostate Scotland.

Whatever you can spare, would be much appreciated, you can donate via our JustGiving page.

We made a music video with your help! In early May we put out a call to action asking football fans across the country to submit funny and supportive video clips to make a music video for the “We’re On Our Way” fan song. We’re pleased to announce its completion! Check it out.

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